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Terms & Conditions of Sale

At BUDS R US we make sure we are always on the right side of the law, dedicating to providing our customers with safe and legal CBD products.

All are products are certified by third party lab testing reports (COA) available on request.

All products are always below the 0.2% recommended THC level, and are derived from legally regulated industrial hemp strains from our trusted farmers in Switzerland.

Our flowers are intended for household potpourri purposes only.

We will not take any liability or responsibility should these products be consumed in any way.

We understand that a lot of other companies are selling there CBD products under “food supplement” the problem with that is in Europe this is not common practice CBD products must be sold as collectors items.

Therefore, we are future-proofing ourselves against any future UK regulations that could come in to effect. 

We are not claiming these products are a food supplement in any way.

We sell our products as household potpourri, perfume and collector items following the European approach, as we believe this is how these products should be sold to the public in the uk.

We are in direct communication with MHRA the FSA the NPA and the Home Office to ensure we are always on the right side of the law, keeping up with any possible law changes or regulations.

We do not make any medical claims towards are products healing or curing anybodies medical conditions in any way on this website or over the phone, as this would violate the MHRA codes of practise.

Everything we do and say is to the best of our knowledge and within the law.

We ask you do your own research in to these products as we are by no means medical trained practitioners.  

BUDS R US do not sell any products that violate the United Kingdoms misuse of drugs act 1971.

Our Privacy Policy and Distance Selling Policy can be viewed upon request. Please note this website may use cookies, by continuing to use the site you are consenting to this, for more information, please contact us. 

Delivery is free to all UK mainland address, further shipping and return policy information can be found on our product pages.

We do not claim that this product can cure,treat or diagnose any disease or illness.